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She Lived in Her Liquor / And Died with a Flicker / I'll Always Remember the Flame

Burning Younger Years

We work, we love, we fight.
Nothing ever ends up right

An unexpected breeze
Agitates the trees,
Raising puckered dots upon your skin.
You feel the wind you drank in easily
A decade or so ago
And feel the flush of burning younger years,
The dizzy inebriated rush
Those eyes and fingers only
Stoked so scarlet,
So hot
You can't forget.

What did you not know?
The pain, the fear,
The danger were worth it.
You learned release
Too soon,
Regret far too slow,
A fool of burning younger years.

You sip the wine
On top your comfortable leather couch.
You turn the television off,
And briefly feel a gush of something strong
You hardly understand now.
You climb the stairs
And kiss your nearly random spouse,
A stranger to your vibrant days.
Pretend it's such a lovely night.
Sometimes you dream yourself
Inside those distant arms so warm,
So tight.

Nothing ever ends up right

- 1/30/17
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