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Still Tangled Up...

I think that I followed you home from Sunday school

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L. Bangs
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2046, 8 1/2, absolutely fabulous, adam again, amnesty international, andrei rublev, aretha franklin, ariel durant, autumn, bantering, before sunset, bernadette peters, billie holiday, blood on the tracks, bob dylan, bob fosse, books, brian quincy newcomb, bruce cockburn, catcher in the rye, cheese, clifton fadiman, coffee, curries, darren aronofsky, elvis costello, euripides, eyes, faith, federico fellini, frank sinatra, fritz lang, fyodor dostoevsky, gabriel garcia marquez, gardners, god, hal hartley, henry james, history, homer, ian fleming, india palace, intelligent women, isabelle huppert, james brown, jane austen, jenny lewis, johannes vermeer, john coltrane, joni mitchell, katharine hepburn, kisses, la cathédrale de rouen, lanna thai, lauren bacall, lcd soundsystem, lester bangs, libraries, lipstick, lost, marc chagall, mark heard, martin donovan, massachusetts, maya deren, miles davis, moon, moulin de la galette, movies, music, mystery, october, old people, orson welles, outkast, paradoxes, paris, pavement, plays, poetry, psalms, purple, railway trains, rain, ri le, saag paneer, screwball comedies, sexiness, simple men, smoldering glances, squeezing out sparks, stephen sondheim, t.s. eliot, talking, the departed, the ethereal, the fiery furnaces, the flaming lips, the new world, the pixies, the velvet underground, the white stripes, tv on the radio, uncool, unknowables, van morrison, vanilla, veronica lake, vinyl records, virginia woolf, wilco, will durant, william james, william shakespeare, wind, winter, wong kar-wai, woody allen, words

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