L. Bangs (lbangs) wrote,
L. Bangs

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You Come On Over Just to Leave Me Here / Exactly Where I Was Before


On the vine too long
Inside this tiny town of no account,
I've never been so unseen.

I've cast the past into a fire,
Making magic women
Fall in love.

And though the stories
All were true,
I don't believe they cared.

Fermented time might broaden a brushstroke
Or vitalize a drowsy blue.
No matter.

This glassy tabletop
Reveals a more malicious
Passing of hours,

A bruised and withered peeling,
Failing hues now darkly splotchy
Beaten remnants hanging on.

I've still the stories,
Fruit now ripened as legend,
Water to wine and then a rank acidity.

I fear I've followed suit.

- 2/3/17
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