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Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017
11:44 am
I am Tired / I am Weary / I Could Sleep for a Thousand Years

Sadly Settle

Inspire chilly sunset mists.
Allow your stakes to rest
Within the fertile soil of this uncoiling night.
The world will roll despite your ease.
You have no home,
So fumble here.
You needn't always fight geography.
These strange and foreign rhythms
Churn against your very pulse.
For but a second, sadly settle.
This square of alien mud
Will do
This once.

- 2/22/17
Tuesday, February 21st, 2017
12:04 pm
If You Want / She Brings You Water / If You Don't / Then You Will Burn

Luncheon Concerto

Close before her stunning shirt,
Enfolding swan wings.

A fluted vein aside her neck
Is mutely pulsating
To jazz brush strokes

Accompanying her rounded voice
Arising like an oboe run.

Another synchronized orchestration,
Another vain performance
Sounding over
Through all my childless days.

- 2/21/17
Monday, February 20th, 2017
2:12 pm
You Don't Eat / When You've Lived Too Long


Evenings empty as yesterday’s shot glass,
As promising as massive whales on beaches.

I’m a piece of ice inside your water.
I have only ever loved you.

These tomorrows now are not addition
Or accumulation.
The morning light reveals a little stolen
Every round.

- 2/20/17
Friday, February 17th, 2017
10:59 am
You Were Standing So Close to Me / Like the Future Was Supposed to Be

Dante's Deity

The tumbled sun,
The bent-up news,
My kale and lentil soup with sharp aged cheese,
Thirty pages,
Maybe more -
I stumble up these spheres
Ascending to the empyrean night.

For a life,
My looping dreams revolved about our orbit.
When I squeezed the world into a single point,
I saw you,
Ending always new and right.
But now
I have eased and cooled
And only see
A solitary freezing light.

- 2/17/17
Thursday, February 16th, 2017
2:59 pm
Your Name Is Deborah / Deborah / It Never Suited Ya

Passing Auto-mobile

The flat and sickly yellow headlight
Cracking through our open window
Rouses us dead ones sleepily awake.

Sour whisperings of
Sweet suggestions
Creep upon the body's dew,

Fevered oil over
These carnal mechanisms,
Slicking their eternal cranking.

- 2/16/17
Wednesday, February 15th, 2017
12:52 pm
You Would Show Me / I Had Something Some People Call a Soul

The Fifteenth of February

I see the morning blasting
Color certainly unknown before,
Swallow a tannic oxygen no one has ever breathed,
And feel the tips of novel winter breeze.

She's playing with the white ceramic curtain pull
And mashing her lips to stifle unsuccessfully
A yawn.

- 2/15/17
Tuesday, February 14th, 2017
2:48 pm
I'm A-Wonderin' If She Remembers Me at All / Many Times, I've Often Prayed / In the Darkness

Today, Tomorrow

For years or so,
The thoughts unanswered
Will suffice,
And this will be enough.

I'll sit the battle out
For now.
I'm battered to bits
And somehow heavier.
I carry too much
To be so little
And today,
I'll prove myself
My all,

My echo,
Friend and only love.

- 2/14/17
Friday, February 10th, 2017
3:22 pm
We're Not a Proud Race / It's Not a Race at All

Friday Night Too Late

I'm without a cent.
You swallow my every secret
Like it's legal

I'm saying seconds
Suddenly fresh,
All that falls
And drips from out my mouth

These blurry chronicles
Are purchasing my presence.
I wonder what you're paying.

- 2/10/17
Thursday, February 9th, 2017
12:19 pm
What I Thought was the Look of Love / Was Only Hurt in Disguise


I smother the chatty radio
And hear the snuffling rain,
Handfuls of dirt tossed over metal.

Iron everywhere throughout,
And still,
The sky and air,

You swore I left the city
Missing everything you loved.
Now I fall alone along the downpour
Below the towers steel and cloud
Onto the crackling concrete,

I haven't found
Whatever I surrendered yet.

- 2/9/17
Wednesday, February 8th, 2017
12:21 pm
It's Not Too Cool to be Ridiculed / But You Brought This Upon Yourself

Enki's Work

The darkness stains.
We are not the same.
The natural animals of the day
Avoid us now.

The wind's a washed-up boxer,
Battering our clumsy naked skin,
Refusing ingression.

You knew the way.
Why did you lead us here?
A dalliance of night,
A step beyond
The point we'll never cross again.

You were wrong
As is your wont.
I am through,
Though not yet finished.

- 2/8/17
Tuesday, February 7th, 2017
12:07 pm
In the End, What You Don't Surrender / Well, the World Just Strips Away

Silver Strings

It was such a frothy party.
Your black dress mostly stayed on.
My date fell off her cocktail glass.
We sang along to songs we just made up.
The shallow pool,
The tubs of dip,
The way our eyes avoided us.

You're smoking now
I haven't seen you in a thousand days,
But you and I,
We almost made it clean.
We nearly got away.

Like the lazy silver string
Arising from your cigarette,
We lingered.
We let it stretch too long,
Although the smoke somehow
Always rises.

I guess you only have so many minutes.
Everyone exhales

- 2/7/17
Monday, February 6th, 2017
12:14 pm
You're Not Going Anywhere / He's Coming Up the Stairs / And in a Moment...


The leaves are lost to life
And restless,
Rustling empty in every evening gust.

Your rounded cheekbone
Fitted under mine,
Your furnace-blown breath
Down my neck,
The scent of thick lipstick,

And this is all,
The minutes sand
Abandoned to receding waves.

- 2/6/17
Friday, February 3rd, 2017
10:09 am
You Come On Over Just to Leave Me Here / Exactly Where I Was Before


On the vine too long
Inside this tiny town of no account,
I've never been so unseen.

I've cast the past into a fire,
Making magic women
Fall in love.

And though the stories
All were true,
I don't believe they cared.

Fermented time might broaden a brushstroke
Or vitalize a drowsy blue.
No matter.

This glassy tabletop
Reveals a more malicious
Passing of hours,

A bruised and withered peeling,
Failing hues now darkly splotchy
Beaten remnants hanging on.

I've still the stories,
Fruit now ripened as legend,
Water to wine and then a rank acidity.

I fear I've followed suit.

- 2/3/17
Thursday, February 2nd, 2017
11:28 am
He's Got Two Left Feet / And He Bites My Moves

Along the Way

The breath's
A wash of grated cloud,
The night,
A starving train whistle late,

I never catch the melody along the way,
My gloves are far too bulky.
Hum along despite.
Dance around the patch of ice.
The frozen song will last the path
Never quite so long
Along the way.

The air,
The weight of oiled cardamom,
Her bed,
A roll of Persian silk,
Her winter skin,
A Tesla coil.

- 2/2/17
Wednesday, February 1st, 2017
11:02 am
A World Gone Crazy / Where the Men Won't Grow Up / And the Women Get So Hard

En Route

From the ring to the middle,
The journey from finger to finger
Is a bitter lonely sojourn.

Like a spent platoon,
We pull up stakes
And travel on,
The blood and burnt remains
Another backpack left behind
En route into the next battle zone.

- 2/1/17
Tuesday, January 31st, 2017
11:52 am
Seeing More and Feeling Less / Saying No But Meaning Yes / This Is All I Ever Meant

Cassino, 1944

Are you certain?
The world in streaming slashes yellow-white
Between the tattered bedroom curtains

Tell cathedrals.

Draw aside the purple fabric.

Rubble stands for steeples,
Another tower
Bowed in prayer.

- 1/31/17
Monday, January 30th, 2017
11:42 am
She Lived in Her Liquor / And Died with a Flicker / I'll Always Remember the Flame

Burning Younger Years

We work, we love, we fight.
Nothing ever ends up right

An unexpected breeze
Agitates the trees,
Raising puckered dots upon your skin.
You feel the wind you drank in easily
A decade or so ago
And feel the flush of burning younger years,
The dizzy inebriated rush
Those eyes and fingers only
Stoked so scarlet,
So hot
You can't forget.

What did you not know?
The pain, the fear,
The danger were worth it.
You learned release
Too soon,
Regret far too slow,
A fool of burning younger years.

You sip the wine
On top your comfortable leather couch.
You turn the television off,
And briefly feel a gush of something strong
You hardly understand now.
You climb the stairs
And kiss your nearly random spouse,
A stranger to your vibrant days.
Pretend it's such a lovely night.
Sometimes you dream yourself
Inside those distant arms so warm,
So tight.

Nothing ever ends up right

- 1/30/17
Friday, January 27th, 2017
11:03 am
Something Flickered for a Minute / And Then It Vanished and was Gone

Writing Tablet

Fits and false engagements,
Nearly polished stones
In falling star trajectories
Cement my waterways.

If only you heard me still.
If only you believed.

I work the knife into my guts
And spill upon the table,
Hardly bothering your supper.

- 1/27/17
Thursday, January 26th, 2017
10:55 am
I'll Give You Television / I'll Give You Eyes of Blue

During the Dance

Donnie and the Blockheads,
They'll rock your socks up through your throat.
The beat will make you flat against the back wall,

But we ran out the door
Beneath the flirty stars
And rolled in marshy clover
As distant crowds applauded,
Demanding hit songs
Over and over.

- 1/26/17
Wednesday, January 25th, 2017
11:39 am
I Smell Your Secret

Swollen Vein

She fondles it so lightly
As it were fashioned from the misty air,
This riddle I struggle beneath.

The dishonest night,
Wicked pretender,
Whispers everything
Except for any answer,

Leaving lipstick trackprints,
Scarlet breadcrumbs I cannot see
Sprinkled maddingly upon my vapored ear,

Refracting scent,
Befuddling.my simple skin
Attempting understanding.

- 1/25/17
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